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SaaS Development Outsourcing

With an industry agnostic approach, our teams are skilled at working on digital projects in any industry and can be a valuable asset if you need help with new digital development or digital transformation projects or require cloud consultancy.

If you’re growing at a fast pace and need additional support, our experienced, talented teams are there for you. Our team of technology specialists, designers and strategists can be the additional resources you need to support your internal team of technology experts.

Design is at the heart of everything we do at Zoosh. Going above and beyond creating a functioning product is what we seek. We look to help ensure that your product has a competitive advantage over the rest of the market with up to date technology and well designed, easy to use software.

What we do...

Our teams are skilled in design, project management, software development and cloud technologies, they are used to using innovative methods to get cloud projects done. What this means is that we can provide you with a multi-skilled team as a service to support your digital project.

End users can test different iterations of the product and can help you work towards a solution that suits you best. There are many benefits to an agile approach and our skilled teams know how to get the best out of this approach.

If you have cloud development projects that need to be undertaken but you don’t have the resources, we can provide you with experienced software development team who have completed projects across multiple industries and can save you hiring in periods of growth.

Benefits of our service

Access to an expert team of cloud-native specialists such as solutions architects, software developers, designers, strategists etc.
A complete agile approach to software development
Teams as a Service can be provided based on your digital project needs
Design-led software development, ensuring end-user experience is lovable
Using the latest cloud-native technology to build the most responsive, flexible and scalable products
Provide you additional technological and design resources for your internal digital transformation projects

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