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5 key reasons for bespoke mobile app development

Mervyn Graham

While off the shelf mobile app options are widely available and can do the job for most businesses, there are plenty of circumstances where they can fall short of meeting your business’s needs. Here we will help you figure out whether a bespoke mobile app development is what your business needs.

Why bespoke mobile app development?

Competitive advantage

While off the shelf development solutions might be able to imitate  apps of competitors, going with one of these options can mean you’re missing out on unique features that could provide a competitive advantage for your own app.

Bespoke features that mightn’t be a part of the solutions that your competitors are using could be highly beneficial to ensuring your product stands out from the crowd and conversely, if your competitors are already implementing features that you can’t provide with your app, that could lead to customers migrating to a service that does carry that feature.

The features you add can even help streamline your back office processes with up to date software and technology developments.

Better quality maintenance

With the potential to create a unique cloud-native product comes the need to get a software developer who can help you make it. When it comes to bespoke mobile app development, hiring the right development team  will ensure that you have the right expertise and support going forward.

Off the shelf options can fall short in this area because support may have long lead times and the product may become unsupported if it becomes a legacy product. You can expect more efficient results from a software partner that you build an on-going working relationship with. 

Constant teamwork will mean that they are more familiar with your preferences and goals which should, hopefully, speed up the process of adjustments and communication. 


There is also a limit to how much traffic off the shelf solutions can deal with. Regular apps are usually limited in the resources they can process or can be increasingly costly as resource requirements increase. 

In comparison to the relatively inflexible off the shelf structure, bespoke cloud-native mobile app development allows for growth to be factored into the plans for the app. If an app is expected to grow to have a large customer base and require variable computing resources, this could be reason enough to opt for the bespoke cloud-native option.


With so much thought going into data protection these days, cybersecurity has never seemed as important as it does now. Regardless of how many people your app deals with, data protection must be a priority.

Being able to choose the security options that are implemented for your app is key as your needs could vary quite a bit from the typical customer.

Finding the right software partner will ensure that they know exactly what security your custom mobile app needs so they can be sure to meet your specific needs.

Improved customer relationships

While it might be enough to impress customers with an app that’s better that the standard off the shelf alternative, bespoke mobile app development means that you can continuously develop your product in a way that’s meaningful to your customers.

Custom mobile apps mean that you can provide a more tailored user experience. With a better ability to monitor customer preferences, marketing strategies can be significantly improved.

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