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What is TaaS

TaaS (Team as a Service) is simply the art of giving companies the skillsets they need, when they need them while still having the superpower of familiarity amongst the team members.


Define a baseline FTE*number of seats needed, interchangeably comprised of software UX, Management, Architecture, Infrastructure and Developer profiles


Easily flex up the amount of FTE needed if you have a larger backlog and return to your core number of seats once the swell of work is completed.

The advantage of TaaS versus traditional internal teams is that quality and speed can both be in focus while remaining cost efficient.

Who is it for?

Zoosh Digital specialises in engineering and product TaaS for companies that are scaling up or ‘at scale’.

For CTOs and CIOs- Focus, Speed, Delivery

Hire faster, scale up and down with ease and get varied deep specialists that are normally hard to recruit. Many CTOs and CIOs use Zoosh to focus on important peripheral projects, keeping their internal team on core platforms/products.

For CEOs and CFOs- Scalability, Risk Reduction

Drive revenue through innovation of new products, features and projects without the burden of risk and committed capital normally required to scale up internal teams. Deliver higher ROI on tech investments.

De-Risk with Less Committed Capital

Upsize, and downsize your development and product teams whenever you want without the associated long-term overheads
of hiring internally

Speed of Execution

Add additional firepower to your product/dev teams without the costly and prolonged recruitment process. ‘Dial-up’ or ‘dial-down’ the resources committed to speed up execution. Rapid productivity levels upon hiring of TaaS vs. in-house ramp-up of hires. 

Best-in-Class. Always!

Avoid stagnation of skills on internal teams, by supplementing with your chosen blend of full stack developers and/or deep specialists.  Plug potential gaps (e.g. design) to round out competencies on your team. Reduce certification and training costs.

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How it works

Building an innovative standalone unit

Let’s imagine a company that has identified an opportunity to launch a new digital product and diversify the portfolio. To seize this opportunity, they need to quickly set up an innovative standalone unit, but the in-house team is busy with existing projects or products or the company does not have the required skills for the project.

This would normally involve a lengthy recruitment process for a design lead, UX researchers, UX designers, a product owner, a quality assurance team, developers, and an architect.

However, by utilising Teams as a Service, the company could quickly establish the required team through TaaS. All the necessary positions, structured in the appropriate hierarchy will be filled, without the need for lengthy and expensive hiring processes. Not only would the team be assembled more quickly, but the cost would also be more predictable and could be managed on a project-by-project basis, reducing the risk of financial overcommitment.

By building a team this way, it reduces the onboarding time compared to hiring internally, as it normally takes on average 3 months to onboard a new hire - whereas, investing in a TaaS team the project can start after the kick-off meeting is held.

Example 1: Building an onnovative and standalone unit

On-demand TaaS for specific roles

In another scenario, let’s consider a company undertaking a product development or digital transformation project that requires specific roles, that the company does not have such as a UX researcher and UX designers or personnels that they do not have enough of, such as developers and architects, to get the project off the ground.

The recruitment process for these roles could be lengthy and expensive, and the company might not need these roles on a full-time basis after the project’s completion.

By leveraging on-demand TaaS, the company could bring in these specific roles only when they are needed. This way, they could accelerate their product development or digital transformation timeline without incurring the costs and commitment of full-time employees - supplementing existing teams, with external resources can also add another perspective to the project.

Once the project is completed, the team could scale down without having to worry about layoffs or retaining unneeded personnel. This gives the company significant flexibility, cost-efficiency, and the ability to respond to changing market demands.

Example 2: On-demand TaaS for specific roles

We believe in building lasting partnerships. That’s why we work seamlessly with your in-house teams to ensure a cohesive and collaborative approach.

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