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Can customised software provide better business efficiency?

Mervyn Graham

Using customised software can improve business efficiency compared to using software that's straight off the shelf. While off-the-shelf software is usually slightly more cost-effective and easier to implement, but often not designed to meet the individual needs of your business, plus it won’t offer you anything groundbreaking.

There are many ways to customise professional software these days, and some options are affordable, fast and simple. If you’re trying to get an additional edge over your competitors, customising your business software could be the best way forward.

Customisation vs bespoke software

There are two primary types of customised software that businesses can utilise in today’s market: existing software customised to meet your business’s requirements and bespoke software that's built for your company from the ground up. Both of these options can offer improved efficiency compared to off-the-shelf software, but they also differ somewhat from each other.

Customised software is existing software that your business customises to its own needs. You could add additional applications to an existing suite of software or create specific workflows that match your business processes. Customising existing software is the simplest way to achieve custom software solutions, plus it's the most common way to approach application customisation in small and medium businesses.

Bespoke software is a software solution that's built just for your business. Businesses work with software development teams or technology partners to create bespoke applications and software solutions that meet the individual needs of a business in every way. Bespoke software development is usually more expensive than simple application customisation, but it can also be more cost-effective if there are a lot of customisations that you want to make.

How does custom software improve business efficiency?

Customised software can improve business efficiency in a myriad of different ways by allowing businesses to expand at their own pace and operate in a way that’s both efficient and sustainable. Some of the benefits of using custom software in your business include:

  • Simplifying your business model and streamlining your business workflows
  • Increasing business security and securing confidential data
  • Reducing the cost of running your business’s hardware and software by going cloud instead of on-premise
  • Building scalability and flexibility into your software solutions to support your business as it grows
  • Integrating new software solutions with other software and technology
  • Managing business data more effectively
  • Speeding up reporting and analysis

By implementing custom software solutions in your business, you can gain a competitive edge over your rivals and offer additional value to your customers in a single move.

Who are Zoosh?

At Zoosh, we can offer end-to-end digital product development and support services to businesses looking for maximum digital efficiency. We can create custom software solutions for your business from the ground up to create extensions of existing cloud solutions - helping you to scale your software, train your team and even establish new revenue streams to achieve sustainable success.

If you’d like to work with us on a custom software solution for your business to improve your business efficiency and raise your bottom line, get in touch with us today.