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Krisztina Kanizsai

Growth creates complexity, which requires simplicity - Andy Stanley

When you are establishing your business as a startup, you know it inside out. You know why you have created the company, what is your purpose, what problem you would like to solve and for whom. You are close to your customers, you understand them. You are clear about your business model, you are taking risks and learning from them. Everyone is doing everything to get things done. It is almost like the small team you can afford at the very beginning has the DNA of the business. Sounds familiar?

As the company grows, things change. You need more money to finance the R&D so you have new investors. There is a need to employ more specialists in certain areas in order to be effective and to increase the quality of the output. You might need people with new skills. Your customer base is growing. You do not have the time to deal with each of them personally, you need a sales team. You might open a new office or a factory in another city or country.

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