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How To Launch Your Digital Product Or Application

Balázs Bakos
July 10, 2018

In these fickle times, launching a digital product or application can be a very stressful experience. With the vast amount of products on the market, your launch needs to be as equally awesome as your concept. This is your opportunity to get your product out there and make some noise. A solid strategy and careful planning will help reduce your stress and lead to an easier launch.

Here are five steps to launching a successful digital product or application:

Set Clear Goals

A successful digital product launch requires clear goals and realistic milestones. Work with your team to figure out timelines, and what is required to launch on time. What are your priorities? Is there a number of sales you want to generate? Do you want to find out more about your potential buyers? Analyze the monthly search volume on certain keyword phrases and monitor your competitor’s traffic. Make sure to do this before and after the product launch. An agile approach with Kanban, product roadmaps and sprints will make it easier to track your milestones effectively.

Think About The Variables

Timing is everything and for a successful product launch, you need to figure out the best time of the year and the location that is going to give you the best leverage and exposure. Due to poor planning, RIM launched a product (Blackberry 10) at the wrong time and it didn’t get as much traction as it should have. Stay away from launching during the festive season, or when people usually go on holiday, such as the summer months and Easter. Try to avoid delays and make sure you’re ahead of your competitors. The process of launching a digital product or application can be tricky, so get all your ducks in a row by creating a launch checklist.

Beta Test Your Product

In the run up to product launch, invite potential users to beta test your product. Their feedback will help you to evaluate the user experience, identify issues and ensure readiness of the product for launch. Beta testing also helps to build awareness of your product before launch. People who sign up to beta tests are often industry-savvy influencers who will spread the word about your product with their connections when it launches.

It’s Time To Launch

Make sure there’s a lot of hype around your launch. Build some excitement by involving influencers, bloggers and LinkedIn connections in your industry. Send press releases to the appropriate media, and set up a sequence of emails to build anticipation and communicate with your audience about your new product. Cultivate your mailing list with potential customers that will share your product and content. Promote your product with paid advertising on Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and try to bring in organic traffic by creating and sharing relevant content on your website.

Incorporate Feedback

After your launch, gather customer feedback to determine if you need to make any changes to your product. It’s important to continuously listen and respond to the market. If you’re not sure how to gather this feedback, you can do it through surveys, your support team, or customer focus groups.

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