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Moving from on-premise to cloud-native solutions

Gábor Tolnai

You may already be aware of the benefits of cloud migration but when it comes time to kick things into action, the process might come as a bit of a surprise. Fear not, as this article should help prep you on what to expect as your business goes from being on-premise to being cloud-native.

Going cloud-native

Going cloud-native means that a platform like Azure or AWS will take on a lot of operational practices over that had been done on site previously. For the initial migration ensuring the safe transfer of data will be the primary concern during the process. To do this, ensuring that the correct requirements are met for the transfer becomes another key part of the process which include other elements like network bandwidth.

From there, backing up data is essential. Making sure that nothing gets lost in the transfer will require properly organised practices for preparing the transfer before ultimately moving the compressed files and configuring the data for its new application or infrastructure.

Carrying out your migration with minimal disruptions is also something that must be considered during the process. Data being inaccessible during the transfer could hinder day-to-day business operations. It’s important to have an experienced partner in helping to switch your business over for minimal downtime.

Why go cloud-native?

With the right technology partner, cloud migration shouldn’t be much of an inconvenience to your operations and should mean that you can simply think about the countless benefits of being cloud-native once the migration is done.

As long as it’s done properly, the pros typically far outweigh the cons when it comes to switching over. The change might cost money, some time and may see you locked into a specific cloud service once your data is completely native but the benefit that follows this is that your company will be more flexible and capable of dealing with a wider array of clients, as cloud-native resources will scale based on your company’s requirements in an instance.

As an investment, the benefits that follow tend to make the migration worthwhile for most who consider the change. Cost efficient savings, a larger client base and a pay-as-you-use system means that there is so much that can be gained from going cloud-native if it suits your business. 

Is it worth it for your business?

Generally speaking, most businesses can benefit from moving to cloud-native. With a recent acceleration in remote working, many jobs can be done in part, if not totally, remotely which means that offices could become an expense not worth keeping.

While a local fast-food restaurant might not avail of the scale or off-premise capabilities, those two elements can be particularly useful for cutting costs and attracting new employees and clients.

So if you’re wondering if the move to cloud-native is worth your while, as long as your business can avail from any of the benefits mentioned above, the answer could be a resounding yes. The move itself isn’t as arduous as you might imagine and can be a breeze as long as the right technology team is involved. They can ensure that the transition is timely, non-intrusive and cost effective.

If you’re looking for a world-class team that’s capable of making the process this smooth for you, you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch and Zoosh Digital could be the next partner you need to help with your cloud-native journey.