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The Possibilities of IoT and Business App Development

Balázs Bakos
July 11, 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the power to change our everyday lives – soon every device will be connected to the internet, your lights, your heating, and even your fridge.

This buzzword may have been around for a while in the tech industry, but it’s merely the beginning of its journey, as it’s growing at a rapid rate and impacting various industries. According to Gartner, “over half of major new business processes and systems will incorporate some element of IoT by 2020”. In fact, IoT is revolutionising business app development. IoT application development interlinks connected devices, sensors, cloud, networking and analytics –  which are great elements for revolutionizing your business app.

Here’s how IoT application development is used across major industries:

Home automation

IoT technologies have a huge impact on our homes. Imagine driving home and turning on your air conditioning or heating with your smartphone, or turning on your lights – that convenience wasn’t possible 10 years ago. The possibilities for smart home IoT devices are endless: smart appliances, safety and security systems,  and smart home energy equipment. A popular player in this space is Amazon Echo, a central hub for your smart home gadgets, with a voice-activated assistant named Alexa. Another famous smart home device manufacturer is Nest. They manage every aspect of your home’s security, including thermostats, cameras and sensors, and it allows you to control all of your devices with the designated Nest app.


Retail was one of the first industries to implement ‘smart’ technologies. Proximity-based advertising is making waves, and supply chain management are seeing the benefits of IoT too. Smart shelves in store can detect when inventory is low and companies can track goods while they are on the road. Since the retail environment is so competitive, retailers that make use of IoT will stand to gain an important advantage. By incorporating IoT application development in your strategy, you’ll essentially increase revenue, reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

Healthcare and fitness

Health and fitness devices are taking the world by storm. They can monitor heart rate, sleep, caloric intake, and it can track your activity. Some of these wearables can connect with external applications and share information about the user’s condition with a healthcare provider. This is a huge step for the health industry, and even though connected health isn’t a widespread phenomenon yet, studies show that it will be huge in a few years. By linking every aspect of your health, doctors will have more information at their disposal and can help with preventative healthcare. Thanks to IoT, people can get results like heart rate and body fat composition in a matter of seconds, which saves time for both the patient and the healthcare provider.

IoT is changing the way we live and work, and will provide great value for businesses – it will streamline processes, save time and money, and increase efficiency. According to Mckinsey, “business-to-business applications will probably capture more value—nearly 70 percent of it—than consumer uses.” Contact Zoosh today to find out how we can help your business app development.