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What is an agile mindset and why would it benefit organisations

Mervyn Graham

With a steady influx of tech companies filling an already saturated market, having the correct mindset makes all the difference to triumphing above the competition.

One of the key mindsets that have become widely accepted, particularly in the software sector, is the agile mindset. In this article, we’re going to explore what an agile mindset is and discover what its benefits are for different organisations.

What is an agile mindset?

Agile mindsets are typically associated with professional ethos within a company. They are defined by their focus on customer value, working collaboratively in teams, and spreading leadership across the company creating what’s known as big leaders and little leaders.

The idea behind agile mindsets is that companies work better when everyone collaborates and brings ideas to the table. Having a singular leader that heads a single hierarchy of authority doesn’t leave much room for innovation or collaboration. This is why organisations that adopt an agile mindset opt for creating multiple teams within the company, each with its own team leader.

Similarly, in shifting the hierarchy chart, agile mindsets also shift the core principles and values of the company. Traditionally, companies’ sole target was to make as much money as possible, breaking into the highest index organisation lists. And to an extent, this hasn’t changed – companies still want to make as much money as possible. But instead of doing it by any means possible, as they traditionally did, they focus on creating customer value as a way to yield a higher profit.

So how does having an agile mindset benefit organisations?

How agile mindsets benefit organisations to grow

The success of an organisation comes largely from how well employees can work together towards a common goal – creating a product and/or service that sells. Agile mindsets help in two core ways – team dynamics and customer-centrism.

Team dynamics in an organisation that favours agile mindsets are usually more collaborative as everyone is put in small teams to work together on delivering projects. This gives every employee more autonomy in decision-making and allows every person in the company a louder voice as no one is too far from the top.

Additionally, having so many leaders at all levels means that multiple ideas and opinions are represented at project lead meetings and presentations, which gives more possibilities for innovation and success.

Customer-centric values also benefit organisations. Every company that makes money has a customer buying their products, whether that be other companies, investment tycoons, or your average everyday consumer.

Money is tight these days, and people aren’t willing to part ways with it based on half promises that are never achieved.

By adopting an agile mindset that puts customer value at the top of its priorities, organisations create brand loyalty, attracting a wider audience and making them more money. 

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