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Why User Experience is Vital for Your Business App

Mervyn Graham
July 9, 2018

User experience is something that should be an integral part of the design process. When it comes to the digital landscape, a user-centered approach is crucial for successful mobile application development. If you have a frustrating or confusing app, it means the UX is poor, and users won’t stick around. Here’s why a good user experience is beneficial:

It reduces costs

These days, a company's app is often the first point of call when a customer has a question or query. A well designed intuitive app can drastically reduce the number of support staff required to common questions and resolve basic service issues. By minimising the number of support queries handled by staff, the businesses can focus on doing business.

It provides a loyal userbase

First impressions last. If an app doesn’t immediately provide a good user experience, it will turn customers away. The ubiquity of high quality consumer apps has driven expectations upwards and the result is extremely low tolerance for apps that don’t meet user needs in an efficient and enjoyable way. If users have a good experience they are more likely to come back. A well-oiled app with UX design at it’s core will increase engagement and encourage customer loyalty.

It increases customer satisfaction

An emphasis on App UX design will provide value to your customers by making their lives that little bit easier. This is something they will talk positively about. The extra effort your business makes to provide real value turns your customers into brand ambassadors, which is invaluable to your business.

You can get it right the first time

By designing the app up-front, you will know what you’re getting before you start to build. Incorporating insights through user research, user personas, and user testing will ensure that your app is designed to do what users need it to do. Create a prototype design so that stakeholders can play with the app and provide realistic feedback. This will help to identify and resolve issues early on. It’s much easier to make changes in the design phase than to incur the considerable expense and delay of re-work during or even after development. The UX design process will help you get it right the first time and save you time and money.

It puts you ahead of the game

With millions of apps out there, it’s not easy standing out. It is important to capture, captivate and involve your customer every step of the way. A well laid out user friendly app can make or break the reputation of your company. By simply taking a UX approach to your app design it could potentially put you at the top of the download list.

Zoosh uniquely combines interaction design and enterprise application development to deliver a business application that goes beyond the status quo and will provide immense end-user value. The end result is intuitive and easy to use and customer centric – which results in a loveable user experience.

Want to know more about design thinking? Download our whitepaper “Designing Intuitive and Lovable Software User Experiences” to find out more.