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Simplifying GDPR compliance with intuitive software

GDPRWise is a Belgium company led by Patrick Dewald and Roel Coverliers. Both of them are very experienced business people. Roel specialized in legal and Pat in data governance. Pat is a successful entrepreneur who recently sold his data governance company, called Diaku to Informatica, leader in data management solutions.

GDPR applies to every business, it can be confusing and cost a lot of money to get an expert help to make it right. The founders’ idea was to create an easy-to-use, intuitive platform for this purpose at an unbeatable price that is affordable for small businesses as well.

Pat and Roel have been looking for a product development partner who can help them design and build such a software-as-a-service solution that is scalable and secure.

Zoosh set up a product development team consisting of a product owner, designer, cloud architect, lead developer and full stack developers. Zoosh conducted a detailed research, domain analysis and had many iterations of the prototype in order to crystalize the core functionality that will enable GDPRWise to go to market.

It was identified that one of the most important aspects of the solution is that end users are always handheld, the next step is always clear, so they are not lost in the vast complexity of GDPR regulations and best practices.

The applied intuitive approach to support industry specific dossier concepts enable GDPRWise personnel to create prefilled dossier templates for end users for new industries without the need of programming.

The first version of the product release was built on AWS and integrated with a leading payment gateway.

Agile mode of operation allowed us to work together with the client in a flexible way. Patrick was one of the most eager promoters we have had the pleasure working with, who really kept his finger on the pulse of all ideation, design and implementation efforts. This resulted in a very dynamic way of working together.

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The solution is prepared to work in all European countries, providing support not only for local translations, but handling logical differences and peculiarities too.

The end users benefit from getting good default settings already when registering, that is related to their specific industry, so that they don’t have to do everything from scratch.

Before getting on GDPRWise I had no idea where to start my GDPR compliance journey. The GDPRWise app just walked me through some simple screens and within minutes I had already got my customer privacy policy generated. After that I got my data sharing agreements going, and that really impressed my suppliers!

Bruno Woestyn

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