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Specialised route optimisation software for the dairy industry

Specialised route optimisation software for the dairy industry

The company

OptaHaul is a Spinout from the Zoosh Group, where Gary has worked for the past three years. The product was built along with a customer, when we then identified a significant opportunity to commercialise the product for the global market. To date we have had several product releases, a number of lead customers and a growing pipeline of prospects.

Value proposition

Milk collection planning is a complex task for transport managers and schedulers. Dairy companies can collect milk from thousands of farms, using 100s of trucks delivering milk to multiple factories. There is a wide range of variables to contend with such as fluctuating production requirements, machine downtime, congestion and, crucially, collections are time critical due to the perishable nature of milk.

  • Software designed with dairy processors specifically for milk production
  • Accurate route optimisation providing transport cost savings of 5-20% and back office labour savings of 50%+
  • Scalable and flexible to suit all customer sizes and markets
  • Simple set up in a matter of days
  • ROI of 6-12 month


OptaHaul product allows dairy processors to accurately plan and optimise routes while tracking carbon emissions. Main features:

  • Visualise milk collection data on an interactive map
  • Monitor tanker utilisation levels to ensure efficiency
  • Analyse individual routes and identify areas for improvement
  • Summary report of an optimised plan including distance travelled, cost, milk collected and CO2 produced
  • Model cost impact of changes in production requirements
  • Schedule plans and share with drivers and hauliers

Key Information

Zoosh involvement: From concept

Stage: Early Revenue (Zoosh Spin-out)

Sector: Logistics

Founder: Gary Gallagher and Zoosh Group

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Working with Zoosh from initial concept to bringing the OptaHaul product to market has helped us to work on the right things from day one as its not just about creating software, it is about combining agile product development with continuous customer feedback and a strong focus on product-market fit.

Gary Gallagher


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