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Grow your online presence with DETE Online Retail Scheme and Zoosh

Mervyn Graham

CSO Household Digital Consumer Behaviour 2021 report said that almost 8 in 10 internet users purchased goods and/or services online in 2021. Online purchases increased during the pandemic and it is predicted this shift in buying habits will continue. Although there is an increase in online spending, there is also a desire to shop locally and support businesses within the community. 

Online presence for retailers can have different meanings depending on where they are in their digitalisation journey; it can be establishing social media presence to building an e-commerce platform. What is clear in this digital age is a hybrid model for retailers is needed - as having a physical and online presence can provide the best of both worlds.  

To help Irish retailers to develop a more compelling online offering, that will enable customer base growth and retention, the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment (DETE) has developed an Online Retail Scheme, where Irish retailers that have a pre-existing online presence (e.g social media or website) are invited to apply, the close date is 1st June 2022

The scheme is aimed to help:- 

  • Respond to both domestic and international consumer demand for online shopping,
  • Strengthen small retailers in finding and retaining customers with their existing infrastructure,
  • Protect their physical operation by enabling growth through an online marketplace and new shopping avenues.

Activities eligible for the grant include projects such as:- 

  • Review of the company’s value proposition demonstrated online and how this can be presented or improved online,
  • Creation or improvement of omnichannel offering,
  • Introduction of or building an e-commerce platform,
  • Enhancing existing systems and platforms i.e. moving to cloud-native technologies, and using technology to enhance customer experience like a chatbot,
  • System integrations such as payment systems, supply chain management etc. 

Eligibility criteria and expenditure limits

Retailers based in Ireland who employ 10 or more full-time employees, who have a physical store and a pre-existing online presence. The minimum project expenditure is €20,000 and the maximum grant available is up to €64,000. For the full terms and conditions click here.

Zoosh as your digital partner

If you are an Irish retailer looking to improve your online presence but require advice, support or a tech team, Zoosh can help as an approved Enterprise Ireland partner.

We offer research, design, development and build all from one source. We can help you realise your vision for your online presence using the latest cloud technologies, with a clear focus on design and user experience.

If you are interested in how our services and this Online Retail Scheme can help your business fulfil your goals, you can contact us on 014370643 or info@zooshgroup.com.