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Zoosh Group stands with Ukraine

Mervyn Graham

As a company, Zoosh strives to create a culture that is inclusive and authentic, what’s happening in Ukraine is deeply saddening and heartbreaking - seeing innocent Ukrainian lives being taken or affected by a decision made by those in power.

What we are seeing is chaos and injustice, but we are inspired by the resolve and determination of the Ukrainian people, in their fight for freedom and democracy. The bravery of those standing up for what they believe is something that we can all admire and learn from.

What we are doing as a company

On behalf of the Z family, we will be supporting the charity ‘Order of Malta’ - whose motto is “Defense of the Faith and assistance to the Poor” who are currently providing critical humanitarian care on the border of Hungary and Ukraine.

We will be donating a sum of €10,000.00 to help with their efforts and continue to collect supplies and food, taking it to the border to support those in need. Working with the charity our team members will also be volunteers and support them in their efforts.

Why the Order of Malta?

We have chosen the Order of Malta because it is close to one of the Zoosh founder's (Bert Farrell) heart, as his father was a patron and medical officer for the charity for a number of years. 

As a company we have deep roots in Hungary, so we have decided to send our donations to the Hungary branch of the charity https://adomanyozz.hu/program/ukrajna, to support their efforts in helping families seeking refuge in Hungary.

About the Malteses:

"Defense of the Faith and assistance to the poor"

This has been the motto of all organizations of the Order of Malta for more than nine hundred years. The goal is clear, the objective is clear. Founding fathers now likely understood something different under the defence of faith, different from what we do these days, and the assistance to the poor also had a different meaning back then.

The Hungarian Maltese Charity Service is involved in the care of refugees arriving in the Transcarpathian region and provides support to families arriving in settlements through the Maltese Charity Service in the Beregszász district. At the same time, the care institutions and charitable groups of the Charity Service in Eastern Hungary are preparing to receive and support refugee families arriving in Hungary as needed.

The Maltese Charity Service pays more attention to supporting children, the elderly, the sick, and people with disabilities, in line with its previous humanitarian emergency procedures, as general measures to support displaced people do not usually address the needs of more vulnerable groups. The Maltese organization is also working specifically to help refugees with special needs.

The Maltese Charity Service is launching a fundraiser to support its humanitarian operations in the wake of the crisis in Ukraine.

If anyone would like to provide individual financial aid in addition to our initial Z family contribution, please do so via the link https://adomanyozz.hu/program/ukrajna.

Below are the contact and bank details translated from the website -

Order of Malta Details

Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Ukraine. 

Balazs, Bert, David and Merv