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Microsoft Azure services, what it is and how it works

Gábor Tolnai

Microsoft Azure services provide cloud computing resources, where some features are similar to Amazon Web Services and the Google Cloud Platform. Thanks to cloud technology, all software, data and functionality can be stored online on Microsoft Azure instead of on a hard drive on your computer. Below we discuss what Microsoft Azure is and how it benefits businesses:-

How does Microsoft Azure work?

Before Microsoft cloud services like Azure and other cloud technology were available, businesses would have to set up and host their computing infrastructure. It would entail using web servers and physical servers to run services. When more resources and new features are needed, businesses had to invest in even more hardware, which often proved costly. Alternatively, hosting providers can offer companies the ability to host services on their hardware for a fee.

Cloud-native solutions such as Microsoft Azure now allow companies to pay for access to an ever growing pool of resources. The platform includes web server hosting, email servers, file storage and even virtual machines. When you need to increase your computing resources purchasing new hardware is not required, you will only need to adjust the service you receive from Microsoft Azure. You only pay for the computing resources that you use, so you never pay for what you do not need, and you'll have the right amount of capacity at any given time.

The benefits of Azure for business

Using cloud services such as Azure is an excellent way for businesses to optimise how they function and utilise the latest computing technology. Here are some of the inherent benefits of Azure for businesses.

Easy to deploy or migrate

Azure can be rolled out anywhere for all types of business. It is a simple solution to set up, deploy in real-time for 100% uptake. Organisations that use Azure benefit from a simple deployment or migration if they switch from a previous provider.

Microsoft Azure is compatible with current software and applications that businesses often use, so there are no teething problems when deploying it. If your business is currently using programmes such as Outlook or Microsoft 365, you can effortlessly switch to cloud versions with no issue.

Innovative cloud security

Azure uses a single sign-on feature that eliminates issues surrounding password security for businesses. Admins can define which cloud applications users can have access to - users will be able to open and use the applications without having to remember complicated passwords or update them regularly. This will potentially lower failed login attempts and the risk of accounts being hacked.

Using Azure also ensures companies are compliant with the latest laws surrounding General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Information protection is built into Azure to let users classify, name and track business documents and see who has edited them. Real-time document updates make collaboration incredibly easy with Azure, streamlining how work is completed.

Flexible infrastructure

It is designed to be scalable for any business, and it can grow alongside it - this means that businesses can scale back on resources when they are not required, saving them money. Due to being cloud-based, employees can securely work from anywhere, on any device, when using Azure. This can also lower office infrastructure costs and encourage the business to work through a digital transformation.

Backup and disaster recovery

Azure provides cloud backup and disaster recovery services so, there is always a copy of your corporate data as part of the business continuity plan. You can instantly download and deploy cloud-based versions of data in the event of corruption or lost information.

Our Product Studio can help with your business Azure project, if you would like to know more about Microsoft Azure services and how they can help your business in your cloud journey, speak with our specialists at Zoosh today.