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What is a Digital Transformation strategy and the reasons for one?

Mervyn Graham

Digital transformation relates to investment into technology invoking change that leads to improved business operations, such as moving repetitive paper-based tasks to a digital platform with automation.

Advances in technology mean a digitalisation project can be broad and related to any process and department – if the aim is for every aspect of the organisation to undergo digital transformation, the project should be divided into stages. Each stage should have a strategic plan to ensure success.  

The digital transformation strategy journey

Depending on the goal and who’s running the project, digital transformation strategy can be very different projects – the scope can range from moving to new devices, new cloud infrastructure to investing in cloud-native application development. These are some of the steps you should take as part of your digital approach:-

Define goals and scope

Total digital transformation is a process with different phases. Start with setting clear goals and scope - each project can tackle different types of digitalisation such as devices, infrastructure, software platforms or data. They should be related to any strategic gaps within the business or address any challenges your employees may have in day-to-day processes.

Obtain buy-in from management

It is important to gain buy-in from key stakeholders such as senior management and have them involved from conception to implementation. Buy-in from managers is vital to a smooth transition process as they will act as advocates for the changes and encourage support from their teams. 

Communicate and cultivate a digital culture

Any digital innovation that alters processes will affect everyone within the business, so change management will always be a part of it. By not communicating creates uncertainty for employees. Transparency and clear communication is required, so be clear on the goals and objectives from the start and what business value that digital innovation will bring.  

Conduct a thorough review before selecting a solution

Before choosing a solution, take the time to review existing processes and systems in place. Speak to key personnel as they are experts in their area, discuss their challenges, what is needed and if they have any suggestions on what changes will provide the most business value. After, use the information to ensure projects defined will align with your company's overall digital transformation goal. Once the direction is set it is time to go out and look for a solution.

Measure and Review

Technology is constantly changing, making digital transformation an ongoing process. In the beginning, be sure to define what the measurement would be, track the impact and make necessary improvements if required. Not all initiatives will give immediate results - some will require an adjustment period, especially if it involves changes in daily processes. 

Is it worth it?

Whether the goal is to introduce digital innovation throughout the business or just a project to look at one aspect, all digital transformation projects will require resources and time. The key is to have a clear goal set out and a plan on how to achieve it. Some of the main reasons for having such a digital strategy are:- 

  • It helps reduce costs and consolidates existing processes and systems
  • Better data-driven customer and market demand insights
  • Increased agility, robustness and process efficiencies
  • Streamlining and future-proofing operations
  • Improves collaboration and flexibility within the business 
  • Better customer service and strategy
  • Increase speed of innovation
  • Reduced repetitive processes for improved employee satisfaction.

Benefits from digital innovation can vary depending on what your business chooses to digitalise, but they all lead to increased profits and better efficiencies within the organisation. For advice or more information on how your business can benefit from digital transformation or how Zoosh Product Studio can help, contact a member of the Zoosh team today to find out more.