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SAP BTP in a nutshell, and how businesses can use it

Mervyn Graham

SAP BTP or SAP Business Technology Platform is a cloud-based technology platform that brings together different enterprise applications into one platform. It enables businesses to run and manage all of their business processes from a central location, providing business applications, best practices and customisation capabilities for businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

Whether you are looking to have a cloud or hybrid environment, SAP Business Technology Platform allows businesses to utilise its pre-built integrations specifically for SAP, third-party applications or both for their everyday operations to improve overall efficiencies. 

There are four main areas of the SAP BTP platform:

  • Database and data management - these look at uniting all the data into one place for an end-to-end view.  
  • Analytics - provides the ability to make informed decisions based on real-time insights from AI-powered business intelligence. 
  • Application development and integration - increase efficiency, automation and connect different departments with intuitive development tools. 
  • Intelligent Technologies - gives users access to IoT and AI tools that can help change the way they work by optimising processes and maximising resources.

For those thinking about moving to the cloud, SAP BTP provides a solid platform to start their cloud journey - it supports transferring applications to the cloud, integrating IT infrastructure or utilising other applications created by SAP or partners. For others who are further along, it provides a platform to build for success in the long run. These are some of the main benefits of the platform:-

How SAP BTP tackle business challenges

Businesses can use BTP to address a wide range of business challenges, including:

  • Enhancing customer engagement
  • Making every employee a salesperson
  • Improving sales force effectiveness
  • Minimising operational costs
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance

SAP BTP helps businesses achieve these goals by automating labour intensive or time-consuming business processes. This typically includes tasks from finance, supply chain management, manufacturing and service industries, e.g., accounts payable, invoice processing, financial close and procure-to-pay.

Business process improvement

Business process improvement is a common goal for nearly all companies. SAP BTP helps improve business process efficiencies by offering the following:

  • An end-to-end view of your business operations
  • Single source of truth and simplified processes
  • Immediate visibility into company performance across financial statements, cost, profitability and cash flow
  • Access to collaborate and share information on the go with mobile capability
  • Simplified reporting and analytics

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is an ongoing journey that brings together people, processes and technology. Businesses can use BTP to enhance their digital transformation strategies by helping them drive efficiencies through more streamlined business operations. Real-time reporting on key performance indicators can be achieved such as inventory, order management, revenue recognition, cost of sales, procurement and sourcing, cost of goods sold, payroll management, people management, time tracking and even asset visibility.

Improve efficiency

Businesses across the globe are looking at ways to improve efficiency within their organisations without the need to compromise on customer service levels. SAP BTP is ideal for those businesses looking to increase efficiencies by connecting back-office systems with front-office applications or vice versa. It allows them to fully integrate their operational processes as well as their employees' roles into a single platform.

Automate manual processes

SAP BTP helps automate manual processes that often consumes valuable resources and time. Administrative tasks that impact productivity, such as updating spreadsheets, exporting data from one system to another, manually sending out invoices, approving and filing expense reports and manually entering data into another system - can all be automated with SAP BTP.

The intelligent SAP Business Technology Platform changes this by allowing you to run all your business processes from a single source of truth, an open platform where business applications can easily integrate. It provides solutions for each critical business process as well as key workflows such as sales, procurement, travel management, HR and CRM.

To find out more about how SAP BTP can help you improve business productivity and efficiency, or you would like SAP custom application development for your platform, contact us at Zoosh today.