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What is a Teams as a Service model and why it works

Mervyn Graham

Teams as a Service (TaaS) is a concept that has grown significantly in recent times. As a concept it is relatively simple but has revolutionised outsourcing for software development companies and other digital transformation providers.

TaaS refers to a dedicated team that is made up of various specialists to help work on digital projects such as user experience design, new digital product or services creation, software development and digital transformation.

Companies may opt for this service so they can undergo digital projects, as they may not have the necessary resources to do so internally.

What exactly is TaaS?

Teams as a Service is an offering from a technology partner or Product Studio to companies that require a digital transformation project or new software solutions development to be completed but don’t have the appropriate team required in their employment. It can also be required if they simply need an extension for their in-house team with the appropriate skills to take care of specific areas of the digital project.

The chosen technology partner should provide Teams as a Service based on your specific requirements and the company’s desired outcomes for the project.  As such, a discovery workshop will occur where desired outcomes or main objectives can be discussed. This discovery phase ensures the custom solutions development is completed with your goals and perspectives in mind.

After specifying what needs to be done, your technology partner will propose what the specialist team should be composed of, such as a Market Researcher, Product Owner, UX Designers and/or Software Developers. The proposal should also include the proposed length of the project, each of the specialists will work on the digital project until the agree goal. Once the team composition and digital project goals are defined, the provided team from your technology partner should work closely with your internal stakeholders for the best possible level of progress.

But, why use Teams as a Service when I can hire?

Whether you need a small, specific extension for your own team or need a larger team to handle a larger digital project, close collaborations with the extended team will mean that your project has an external set of eyes to help incorporate new perspectives. It also means that the project can be completed at an accelerated pace and aim to do so in a budgeted way that follows a pre-planned roadmap.

Your team might be lacking certain niche areas of expertise but TaaS means that you don’t need to hire workers and scale at an unnecessary rate to accomplish your goals, especially when they might not be needed after the project is complete. 

Hiring a specific individual isn’t the only area that TaaS covers at a lower cost to your business. Getting a rounded team for a project means that you can get UI and UX designers, engineers and a project manager (to name just a few) for as long as you need. The team your technology partner provides should also flex and scale the team as the project requires. This can be significantly more cost effective and practical, particularly if a project is urgent. 

You’re not only getting a team with TaaS, you’re getting a curated, experienced team that have worked together previously. The ease at which this can be implemented relative to new hires means that you have one less thing to worry about as your digital project is being completed.

Utilising the provided agile team properly can lead to so many advantages. Good communication and collaboration can lead to learning on both ends and ultimately a better end-product. Beyond that, taking the learnings you get from having an extended team can mean you gather information that will be invaluable as you tackle future projects.

Teams as a Service is a great solution for numerous situations, especially when an urgent project crops up and your team doesn’t have the necessary resources in place. In these situations, Teams as a Service can be a cost effective, reliable and agile solution to your digital requirements. 

Zoosh as your technology partner

An experienced team that can meet your needs is pivotal to seeing the best solution development. If you are looking for an experienced cloud-native specialist team for an upcoming project, get in contact with us and we can let you know if TaaS is what you need.