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Digital concierge for hotels

A platform to connect guests to the best activities and experiences

A Digital Concierge to help hotel guests discover and book unforgettable activities and experiences.

ROVE is a leading end-to-end travel technology solution. This experience-based cloud platform has been built for those in the hotel and hospitality sectors to help them create a ‘digital concierge’ to recommend local experiences and to add to their guests’ satisfaction - as well as creating an additional revenue stream.

This solution is a powerful tool used by hotels to expand and grow ancillary revenue from tours and activities.

experiences booking platform

An end-to-end travel technology solution

Key Benefits

Create an Additional Revenue Stream

  • The platform operates on a revenue share model, where hotels receive a portion based on the experience booked.
  • Experiences available on the platform are based on the location of the hotel.
  • Additional revenue stream without IT costs.
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Recommend Experiences to Guests

  • Staff can recommend their favourite experiences on the portal with a few clicks.
  • Front desk staff can continue to promote the most popular tours and activities to the guests while adding customer value.
  • The hotel can create a branded 'Digital Concierge' for guests.

Quick Setup & No Platform Costs

  • No IT setup or on-going maintenance costs are necessary for the platform.
  • Cloud-based platform with quick integration, that can be easily designed to reflect the hotels brand.
  • The only costs required are for the promotion of the digital platform throughout the hotel.

Increase Guest Engagement

  • Using the platform's URL, guest engagement can be encouraged from the point a guest has booked accommodation.
  • The URL can be shared in a number of ways, from within booking confirmations, QR codes in rooms, to it being printed on key cards.
  • Front desk staff can use the platform as a discussion point with guests.

Understand Guest Behaviour & Metrics

  • Guests interactions with the platform can be tracked and monitored.
  • Unique QR codes displayed in different locations, means valuable data can be collated as to where the hotspots are within the hotel.
  • Provide valuable insight on guest behaviours to help management make more informed decisions.

Support Local Enterprise & Help the Environment

  • The 'Digital Concierge' will curate a range of unique and local experiences based on the location of the hotel.
  • Promoting local experiences, will help the community prosper and build partnerships.
  • Help the environment by removing the need to have paper-based leaflets for local tours and experiences.

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