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Collects, collates and presents Mobility Data & third-party data providers

Collects, collates and presents Mobility Data & third-party data providers

The company

This mobility data is used to direct the planning of large-scale infrastructure projects (road, rail & land development) as well as manage mobility policy and inform business intelligence.

Value proposition

The IDASO market segments are:

  • Mobility Data Collection: Data describing people’s movements from one location to another and the mode of transport used. This data is primarily collected through short term surveys.
  • Smart Cities (Data): This data is collected primarily from permanently installed IoT (Internet of Things) sensors providing hyper local data on a continuous basis.
  • Business Intelligence (Data): This data is collected via IDASO mobility & Smart Cities channels with other third party sources to deliver location based insights.

The IDASO value proposition is for the development & evolution of a Central Mobility Data Warehouse supporting infrastructural planning, development, business intelligence applications along with real-time intersection data for Connected Autonomous Vehicle.


The IDASO Data as a Service (DaaS) product suite includes:

  • Traffic Count Database (mytrafficcounts.com) - historical surveys available for planners, consultants, traffic engineers and property managers.
  • Smarter Counting - contains a host of features to help smooth the process of data collection and processing for all stakeholders. Features include - access survey video files, data visualisations, peak hours calculations, & flow comparisons over time.
  • Analyser (Traffic Data Analysis Solution) - enables the validation of clients data accuracy and provides the tools for extracting the reporting building blocks for strategic planning, traffic impact assessments, property management and a vast number of other applications.
  • Core - a complete survey management platform for planners, engineers and other stakeholders.

Key Information

Zoosh Involvement: From concept

Stage: Growth

Sector: Smart Cities

Founder: Ian Kerr

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Their expert software design and development teams deliver fantastic products by turning abstract thoughts into real solutions, whilst their senior management team offer practical strategic guidance along the perilous journey that every Start Up company must take.

Ian Kerr

Founder, IDASO

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