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Innovative Smart Factory software for manual assembly production line optimisation

Innovative Smart Factory software for manual assembly production line optimisation

The company

The Kyzentree solution optimises how to capture, analyse and visualise manufacturing performance data and it is specially targeted at operator driven production environments with a heavy reliance on people e.g. medical devices, pharma, electronic and food sectors. The Kyzentree solution helps manufacturers monitor manual assembly, inspection and packaging processes, specifically companies that:

  • Rely on paper-based systems to measure productivity, quality and downtime
  • Rely on high skilled workers to produce high value products

Value proposition

The key benefits of the Kyzentree solution to the manufacturers are:

  • More precise understanding of how production areas are performing
  • Quicker responses to issues on the production floor
  • Resources freed up to focus on improved activity
  • Easy to use – minimal training
  • Empowers manufacturers to reduce costs and improve customer service

In many cases productivity levels in these manufacturing companies are 50% or less due to issues encountered throughout atypical production shift.


KT-Pulse is a highly configurable and flexible solution that enables operators to capture performance data more precisely and easily than manual methods. KT-Pulse can be up and running in a manufacturing site within 3-4 days of receiving the initial configuration date.

The first version of KT-Pulse (MVP - Minimum Viable Product) was used to onboard early adopter customers to help prove “product-market” fit. The initial MVP helped Kyzentree onboard a number of large multinational customers. The MVP helped get customer inputs into what new functionality needed to be built in the commercial version as well as requirements to help Kyzentree grow and scale with future releases of the product i.e. the product roadmap.

A second version of the product was released in Q2 2021 with added functionality to ensure the product was scalable in a multi production-line, multi-site environment. This latest version also included a “Configurator” which will help move KT-Pulse more towards a “plug and play” scenario i.e. clients can deploy the KT pulse themselves from the cloud with minimal (and remote) support from Kyzentree.

Key Information

Zoosh Involvement: From concept

Stage: Early Revenue

Sector: Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0

Founder: Anthony Cahill

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Zoosh expertly translated our user requirements into a fully functional product in just 5 months. Not only that, but their expertise in software architecture, development and user experience helped create a product that we can proudly stand over, helping us to turn pilot customers into early adopters

Anthony Cahill

Founder, CEO

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